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If you are searching for a “complex divorce lawyer near me,” you may have found several options. However, not all of your results for divorce lawyers near me will necessarily be appropriate for you and the particular challenges you are confronting. Here are a few factors that will help determine the ultimate success (or lack thereof) of your divorce in Menomonee Falls:

Hire the Right Lawyer

The adage of you get what you pay for also applies to divorce lawyers. While you may be able to find some cheap divorce lawyers, they may not be the best fit for your particular case. However, not all of the best divorce lawyers are necessarily the most expensive ones in town, either.  Ultimately, the best divorce lawyer is the one who is best for you. You should feel comfortable talking to the lawyer and trusting their knowledge and experience with the law, especially if you are dealing with complex areas of the law.

While some cases may require a more aggressive approach, others may benefit more from having an experienced negotiator at the helm. Try to schedule interviews with a few of your selections and ask if they offer a divorce lawyers free consultation so that you can get to know them better and see what it would be like working with them.

Try to Settle Your Case

The surest way to have a quick and cheap divorce is to settle the case outside of court. Wisconsin law favors divorcing parties reaching their compromises regarding key issues like marital property division, child custody, and child support. Settling out of court often saves money because you do not have to pay as much time for your lawyer’s services. Additionally, you can avoid additional expenses, such as discovery costs or the appointment of expert witnesses. Additionally, settling out of court lets you maintain control over the outcome and reach a decision that is based on your particular wants and needs.

Even if you do settle out of court, it is still important to have a divorce lawyer on your side who can advocate your position and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

Prepare Ahead of Time


If you have already searched online for a complex divorce lawyer near me, you may also want to get some general background on the process ahead. For example, you can search online for answers about an upcoming case management conference or mediation session to get a better idea about what to expect. Your lawyer may request certain documents or other evidence that is pivotal in your case, so be sure that you supply it. If you do not have legal representation and have questions, you can contact a free divorce advice helpline for some of the basic information you need.

Make a Good Impression

When you do appear in court, be sure that you make a good impression. Dress professionally and be well-groomed. While it may not seem fair, people do make assumptions about others based on their clothing and outward appearance. Now maybe the best time to remove any piercings and cover tattoos. When you are being asked questions, respond in a respectful manner. Do not talk when the judge or a lawyer is talking.

Pay Attention

A hearing in front of a judge may be a stressful situation, but your family law attorney is there to help you. Pay attention to the questions you are asked and only answer what is being asked of you. Try to stay calm and focus on the matter at hand.

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