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Menomonee Falls is a city in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Technically a village, its slogan is “More than a village.” It is considered part of the Greater Milwaukie Metropolitan Area. Approximately 36,000 people call Menomonee Falls home. The village occupies just over 31 square miles of land and water.

A Brief History of Menomonee Falls

Prior to white settlement, the area now known as Menomonee Falls was inhabited by members of the Menomonee and Chippewa native American tribes. Its name is derived from the Menomonee phrase “Mih-no-min-ee seepe” which means “wild rice river.” Surveyor Garrett Vliet assessed the land in 1836, resulting in the purchase of the land by Patrick Raferty and Hollingsworth S. Smith the following year. Smith opened a saw mill, giving the village its start. By 1845, the fledgling town had a population of over 100 permanent residents. It was officially incorporated in 1892.

Menomonee Falls Today

Modern life in Menomonee Falls is pleasant and community-oriented. A historic downtown business district has been well-maintained and updated with the times and continues to draw a variety of businesses, eateries, boutiques, and entertainment venues.


Several famous faces from Menomonee Falls include Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley, five-time PGA winner Mark Wilson, actress Jessica Szohr, and independent film producer Mel Eslyn.

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