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Alimony/Maintenance | Menomonee Falls, WI | Zeckel John SC | 262-255-0724

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If you do not ask for any spousal maintenance or alimony at the time of divorce, you cannot ask for it after the divorce is final.  But once it is ordered by the court the amount and the length of time may vary later if there are changes in either of the party’s financial circumstances.

A divorce is a challenging experience for everyone involved. No matter what your situations is, you can count on our honest and aggressive representation to protect your interest and arrive at a resolution which meets your expectations.

Allow us to educate you about your rights and secure the divorce settlement you deserve.

Types of Maintenance/Alimony :

  1. Temporary Maintenance / Alimony - It is the payment made if the divorce causes financial hardships on a spouse.  It is an ongoing payment made when a couple is currently separated or in the process of a  divorce.  Temporary maintenance my include payment for daily expenses.  It may continue until the spouse can recover financially, or until they court determines permanent maintenance award.
  2. Permanent Maintenance -This is what most people think of when referring to alimony.  It is the amount paid after the divorce proceedings, paid on a regular and recurring basis.  It may be ordered indefinitely, or for a period number of years, and it might change under circumstances like remarriage or loss of employment or death.
  3. Rehabilitative Maintenance - this is usually awarded for fixed period of time.  It is ordered in cases where in the ex-spouse is in need of assistance, or financial support to be used in job-searching or expanding employment skills.  In most cases, it is common if one of the parties has not worked in years to help expand employment skills or completing educational programs. Most common in cases in which party is reentering the job force after not having to work for many years
  4. Lump-sum Maintenance -This is an award issue by the court or by agreement of parties to buy out as spouse eligibility to receive long term maintenance from other spouse.  It can be accomplish in several ways.

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